Megabyte Monthly

For this school project we had to design anything we wanted as the final assignment for the school year and one for which we would use to post in our School Year Book. I decided too make a video game magazine inspired by many magazines from the 1990s.

In my head I envisioned a magazine from the 90’s reporting on modern games, and how we would still inform about new video game news but with the same design standards and protocols of the 90s, with that personality that they convey on each page, I loved reading magazines during my early childhood on a lot of topics but mostly on video games, I still remember being able to read magazines (albeit it almost disappearing when I was young) about new games being released, news on what the next game might bring to the table, information on missions, puzzle solutions and cheat codes!

Here’s a mockup of how it would look on an actual piece of magazines. This is what I also presented on my School Year Book